Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_polski,
Abe Hassan

polish translation

Hi, everyone! I'm one of the current translation coordinators, and I'm dropping in here to see what I can do to help out the Polish translation. I emailed paivansade a week or so ago to discuss things, but since LJ's email has been a bit flaky, I don't know whether those emails have been received. (paivansade, if you're reading this and haven't gotten my emails, can you send me a quick email at my @lj.com address, please?)

In the meantime, I'd like to go ahead and do an "activity check" -- removing privileges from people who are no longer interested, and granting privileges to those who are. In order to do that, please take a minute to vote in the poll below, even if you don't have translation privs. (If you don't, leave a comment here with your level of fluency in Polish and in English, and I'll grant the necessary privs.)

Please vote by Wednesday (December 21), and at that point, I'll adjust privileges accordingly.

I am interested in working on the Polish translation ...



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